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Wifey Retreats Divorce Recovery Retreats

Wifey Retreats Divorce Recovery Retreats For Women In Bali and Beyond

Get Wise at Wifey Retreats Divorce Recovery Wellness Retreats For Women In Bali and Beyond

Divorce Recovery Meets Wifey Retreats Indulgence In Bali, Phuket, Maui, Aspen, Monarch Beach and Zurich, Switzerland

Wifey Retreats Divorce Recovery Retreats

Q. What is a Divorce Recovery Wellness Retreat?

A. Wifey Retreats hosts a women’s wellness luxury retreat that offers the opportunities to indulge, reset, optimize and get wise with one key focus :

To help women, get wise, optimize, accept, heal and recover from the post trauma or present trauma, emotional labor, bereavement, depression, anxiety, feelings of loss or worthlessness, shame, humiliation, betrayal, abandonment, desperation, misery, bitterness, emotional roller-coastering and hardships that come with divorce.

Q. Who should attend a Divorce Recovery Wellness Retreat?

A. Any woman who is thinking about, planning, engaged in or has completed a divorce.

Q. What are the benefits of a Divorce Recovery Retreat?

A. Women learn to release what no longer serves them, heal from divorce hurt and discover the connections, tools and processes required to create the new relationships and dream lives that they absolutely love.

Alpha Wife Worthy

Divorce Recovery Retreat

Divorce Recovery Retreat + Divorce Coaching

In Bali and Beyond

Discover the next level network support system for women of privilege who are thinking about, engaged in or have finalized divorce. Get wise.

This is your invitation to heal and release what no longer serves you (your ex and the baggage of your divorce) in atmospheres of indulgent,

tranquil ambience in Bali and beyond.

Wifey Retreats transforms your divorce into a catalyst for optimization via profound and posh experiences.

Indulge in our women’s wellness retreats with our exclusive divorce recovery theme and added bonus — divorce coaching!

Learn to rise above the everyday, evolve and move the f**k on, stop living in the past and blaming your ex, purge limited, counterproductive and negative beliefs, avoid making the emotional, relationship and financial mistakes after divorce and finally gain the strategies and tools to create the relationship and dream life that you absolutely love.


Experience Wifey Coaching, Indulgence, Rest, Relaxation, Pampering and Outdoor Recreation Therapy As You Learn To Release What No Longer Serves You.

What No Longer Serves Women of Divorce?

Divorce Trauma, A Counter-Productive Mindset, Complaining, Whining, Playing The Victim, Living In The Past and Ex-Husband Baggage Is The Negativity, Limited Thinking and Dead Weight

That Holds Women Back From Healing and Becoming The New, Improved You. . . Stronger, Healthier, Happier, Wiser, Funnier, Sexier and Wealthier YOU.

Break Free From The Ex-Wife Dead-On-Arrival Damn Drama of Blame Throwing, Finger Pointing, Lack of Accountability, Living In The Past And The Emotional, Mental, Physical, Cognitive and Financial Deficit Traps That Engulf Most Women  Divorce Women Today.

Discover Empowerment, New Ways of Thinking and The Wifey Divorce Recovery Tools To Get Your Life, Relationships, Career, Emotional IQ, Cognitive IQ and Finances Back On Track.

Optimize Your Health and Maximize Your Wealth.

Transform The Old You and Emerge The New (Optimized and Wiser) You.

Wifey Retreats Hosts The #1 Divorce Recovery Retreats For Women of Privilege In The World.

Thinking About, Involved In Or Already Divorced? Get Wise, Optimize, Reset. Invest In You.

Divorce Recovery Retreats Offered April 2018 In California, Colorado, Hawaii, Switzerland, Bali, Phuket, Costa Rica, Hong Kong and Dubai.

Wifey Retreats Divorce Recovery Retreat Is Sponsored By Marriage Intelligence Media and Wifey University.
Learn More About Marriage Intelligence Media here.

Learn More About Wifey University here. 

Bonus! Divorce Coaching and Wifey Coaching By #1 Wifey Coach For The World’s Happiest, Healthiest and Wealthiest Marriages

Learn More About #1 Wifey Coach, Rhonda Coleman Albazie here and here and here. Get Wise.

Listen to the Marital Intelligence Podcast hosted by Rhonda Coleman Albazie here.
Beginning mid-March The Marital Intelligence Podcast will be available for download on iTunes, Google Play and other podcasting platforms.

The Marital Intelligence Podcast is hosted on OmnyStudio.

The Divorce Recovery Retreats Primer :

Wifey Retreats Divorce Recovery Wellness Retreats offers Divorce Recovery Coaching and Divorce Recovery Programs for women. Get wise.

We are the rescue, recover, optimization, enhancement and back up plan women need to heal from, transcend survive and thrive before, during and post divorce.

Learn more about our Wifey Divorce Recovery proven systems powered by high tech tools including ai, machine learning and data science that transforms the lives of our clients.

Discover the meaning, processes and connections required to evolve from divorce optimized and enhanced in every area of your life.

Our Divorce Recovery Retreats for women offer :

  • Wifey Worthy 5-Star Luxury Resort Accommodations Worldwide
  • Divorce Recovery Sponsor Support Network of Empowered Women
  • Full Service Spa Including Facials, Body Wraps, Manicures, Pedicures, Massages and More
  • Divorce Recovery Detox Of All Substances or Habits That No Longer Serve Your Best Interests
  • Fasting, Cleansing and Purification Protocol
  • Trigger Identification and Strategies To Control or Eliminate Triggers
  • Stress Management and Stress Elimination
  • Weight Loss, Weight Management and Weight Optimization Programs
  • Organic Plant Based Meals
  • Concierge Nutrient Therapy
  • Customized Nutrition Plans
  • Welcome Alcohol-FREE Beverages
  • Wifey Coach Divorce Recovery Coaching Introl Package
  • Opportunity To Receive An Invitation To Wifey Coach Divorce Recovery Private Client Group
  • Divorce Recovery Business Plans
  • Divorce Recovery Legal Resources
  • Divorce Recovery Financial Planning Resources
  • Ex-Husband Management Strategies
  • Marital Legacy Restructuring
  • (EX)Wife Wealth Resources
  • Mental Health Optimization
  • Emotional IQ Enhancement
  • Cognitive IQ Enhancement
  • Divorce Recovery Tool Kit
  • Outdoor Recreation Therapy
  • Reconnection Protocols
  • Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness
  • Divorce Recovery Makeovers
  • Release and Reprogramming Protocols
  • The Wifey Divorce Recovery Playbook For Women Book by Rhonda Coleman Albazie
  • Divorce Intervention Protocol
  • Husband Retention Plans
  • Resources and Connections To Start A New Career or Business or Revenue Stream
  • Wifey Retreats Divorce Recovery Retreats In Bali, Phuket, Monarch Beach, California, Maui, Hawaii, Aspen, Colorado


Now BOOKING for our Wifey Retreats Divorce Recovery Retreats In Bali, Phuket, Maui, Monarch Beach and Aspen beginning in April 2018.

Our Divorce Recovery Retreats all inclusive (hotel lodging, food and beverage, retreat amenities included).

The duration of stays are (5) five, (7) seven, (9) nine, (14) fourteen, (21) days in length and start at $4995.00 +

Check back within the week for our new, upgraded Wifey Retreats Booking system here to book your Divorce Recovery Retreat.

Our booking system is currently being upgraded so you will not be able to book a retreat reservation online at this time. 

Please contact Wifey Retreats directly with queries or reservations requests at 833-738-RETREATS (833-738-7387) until our booking system is back online.

Check back within the week after we complete the update to our Wifey Retreats Reservations System here to learn more about our Divorce Recovery Retreats.

The Wifey Retreats Reservations System upgrade will offer information and one click booking and payment solutions for our retreats, destinations, themes, concierge services and amenities.

Need immediate Wifey Divorce Recovery Coaching now? Get wise and contact us here to schedule a Wifey Coaching consultation. 


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