9701 Wilshire Boulevard Suite 1000 Beverly Hills, CA 90212
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9701 Wilshire Boulevard Suite 1000, Beverly Hills, CA 90212

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Wifey Retreats


Wifey Retreats Testimonials
Abby V.
Divorce Prevention Alumni at Wifey Retreats

Wifey Retreats was the sabbatical I truly needed to get my life back on track, optimize and save my marriage before I made the mistake many women do...divorce. Highly recommended. The Divorce Prevention Retreat works!

Nick Nelson
Happily Married Husband

Wifey Retreats is not just a vacation that I gift to my wife. It's an investment in her, in us and in our marriage. My wife thrives with the retreats. For couples who want marriage to work I highly recommend Wifey Retreats.

Wifey Retreats Testimonials 3
Joan Hunt

Wifey Retreats is #1 girls go-to get-a-way to reset, relax and work on yourself. The sisterhood connection allows you to meet other professional women and escape to well deserved indulgence. The tools benefit women who want to live their best possible lives, find meaning, connection and the processes to optimize their marriages.

Wifey Retreats Testimonial
Zoe T.
Aspiring Ultimate Wife

I went on Wifey Retreats Pre-Marriage Retreats to learn the skills to create my dream marriage. I feel more confident than ever about my future wife life. This is the retreat smart, professional career women who want it all need to attend. Wifey Retreats is a game changer.