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Wifey Wellness, Relationship Maintenance and Recovery Retreats

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Wifey Self Expansion and Adventure Retreats

Mind Body Spiritual Connection, Wildlife and Mother Earth Rx and Outdoor Recreation Therapy Retreats

Yoga, Pilates, Meditation, Mindfulness, Ayurveda, Forest Therapy, Phytoncides Rx, Fitness, Outdoor Recreation Therapies, Equine, Ski, Surf, Snorkel, Scuba, Beach, Swim, Sun-Bathing, Biking, Hiking, Golf, Run, Triathlon, Nature, Indigenous Plants and Wildlife Reconnection
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Alpha Wife Worthy Experiences

Our Most Coveted Women's Luxury Wellness Retreats! Discover The Connection, Meaning, Processes and Empowerment To Transform Your Challenges Into Win-Wins And Create The Dream Relationships, Health, Career, Wealth and Life You Love With Wifey Coaching at Wifey Retreats.
  • Wifey Retreats Divorce Recovery Retreats
  • Divorce Recovery Retreat
  • Alpha Wife Worthy

    Divorce Recovery Retreat

    Divorce Recovery Retreat + Divorce Coaching

    In Bali and Beyond

    Discover the next level network support system for women of privilege who are thinking about, engaged in or have finalized divorce. Get wise.This is your invitation to heal and release what no longer serves you (your ex and the baggage of your divorce) in atmospheres of indulgent, tranquil ambience in Bali and beyond.

    Wifey Retreats transforms your divorce into a catalyst for optimization via profound and posh experiences.

    Indulge in our women’s wellness retreats with our exclusive divorce recovery theme and added bonus — divorce coaching!

    Learn to rise above the everyday, evolve and move the f**k on, stop living in the past and blaming your ex, purge limited, counterproductive and negative beliefs, avoid making the emotional, relationship and financial mistakes after divorce and finally gain the strategies and tools to create the relationship and dream life that you absolutely love.

  • USD 4995 +
    Spring 2018
  • Wifey Retreats In California, Colorado, Hawaii, Switzerland, Wellness, Yoga, Detox, Weight Loss, Couples, Stress Management
  • Detox and Yoga In Diamond Head
  • Ultimate Wife Weekends Like This!

    Detox and Yoga Retreat In Diamond Head Hawaii

    The Wifey Rx
    Rest, Relax, Reset, Optimize and Get Wise.


    Rejuvenation awaits from feeling exhausted, over-or-underwhelmed and burned the %#!* out with your career, life or relationships.

    Wifey Retreats Weekend Detox and Yoga in Diamond Head Hawaii is the Wifey Rx to rest, relax, reset, optimize and get wise.

    Detoxify your entire body with our concierge care, indigenous plant Rx and island juice fasting.

    Enhance your emotional, body, mind and spiritual intelligence by learning about the power of yoga, mindfulness, meditation, energy, self mastery and nature to balance your emotions.

    Cleanse, Purify and Release What No Longer Serves You


     Experience the ambience of the calming Hawaiian Islands, recharge with vitamin D infusions and optimize your immune system, lower blood pressure and eliminate stress with the power of phytoncide prescriptions created by nature.

  • USD 1299 +
    Spring 2018
  • Wifey Retreats Ultimate Wife Retreats
  • Pamper, Reprogram and Reset
  •  The Ultimate Wife Indulgence Retreat

    R&R Optimization Reloaded

    Monarch Beach, California

    Wifey Retreats R&R Optimization Retreat

    The Rx for indulgence.

    Get away from the demands and hectic pace of your privileged role of executive wife, mother and career professional.

    Invest in yourself with a weekend of pampering and poshness at one of Southern California’s finest resorts.

    Our Monarch Beach Resort destination delivers the ultimate in indulgence and spa treatments complimented by yoga, mindfulness, meditation, beach play, outdoor recreation, fine dining and dancing the night away with the go-to-girls plus Wifey Coaching and much more.

    Organic, gourmet made to order plant based meals, detox beverage bar and full service spa. Build your weekend indulgence retreat with premier anti-aging treatments, detox, fasting, personal training and/or outdoor recreation and more. Join us for the weekend or stay for an entire week, two weeks or more. Customized packages designed to suit your lifestyle and needs are available.

  • USD 1599 +
    Spring 2018

Pamper, Detox, R&R, Recovery, Reprogram and Reset Reloaded Retreats

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Medical, Disease Reversal, Recovery and Health Optimization Retreats

Medical, Cancer Recovery, Thalassotherapy, Menopause, Fasting, Sleep Enhancement, Chronic Pain, Weight Loss, Stress Management, Mental Health, Bereavement, Anxiety-Bipolar-Depression Recovery, Sex and Sexuality Optimization, Gender Race or Ethnicity Celebration, Cognitive IQ and Emotional IQ Enhancement, Reverse Diabetes Type 2, Reverse Heart Disease, Reverse Cognitive Decline, Reverse Gastrointestinal Issues, Gut Health Optimization, Parasitic Cleanse, Metabolism Optimization, Reverse Inflammation